March 8

Book review

Hi, today I am telling you about the first 4 chapters of tales of the 4th grade nothing.  Here is a little Summary of tales of the 4th grade nothing. when Peter came back from his friend’s party he brought home a turtle. His mom did not like turtles. Then in chapter 2, Mr. and Mrs. Juicy-O came into town and peter’s dad asked them to stay at their house(it was not enjoyable). In chapter 3 Fudge was pretending to be a dog he would not eat. In chapter 4 Sheila Peter and Jimmy were fighting, when they were fighting Fudge climbed the slide and hurt himself.

Here are the characters:

    • Jimmy is peters best friend
    • Sheila likes to annoy peter and jimmy
    • Mr. Yarby runs the juicy- o Company
    • Mrs. Yarby is Mr. Yarby’s wife
    • peters mom is well is his mom
    • peters dad is his dad


I like the book because it is super funny(to me) and it makes you think about what is happening.

I think the next chapter will be about a birthday.

I think this book is for kids in grade 4  because the title is tales of the 4th grade nothing.

I give this book 4 stars because every time I read it makes me laugh.


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November 3

Friendly Faces Charity

I have always loved art and especially tie-dye. Over the last few months, my siblings and I decided to turn our love of art into a great fundraiser. Together we started Friendly Faces, a charity that sells tie-dyed masks and donates the proceeds to CHEO. My siblings and I spent the summer on my front lawn making tie-dyed masks. We went door to door in our neighbourhood sealing masks. So far we have raised over 5000 dollars for CHEO.

Tie-dyeing is a very good way to have fun with your friends socially distanced. During the summer we had friends come over and sit 2 meters apart on our front lawn. Together we had a great time making lots of masks in a covid safe way.

Selling masks in our neighbourhood is an amazing way to make new friends. We now know all of our neighbours and say hi to everyone when we are out for walks. Friendly Faces has allowed us to raise money for a good cause and have lots of fun doing it!