November 24

Mayan Technology

Hi, it is Ark, today I am going to tell you all about Mayan Technology.  To start let’s compare our technology. now in days, we have laptops iPhones and much more. Mayans used parchment, ink and their letters are symbols. 

As I go on right all things that are similar and different.

The Mayans had 2 calendars. 1st was called Haab and the 2end was called Tzolkin. Every 52 years the calendars would have the same date. When that happened they would have a big Fire Festival. Every Fire in every household would be turned out and they would throw out all their clay utensils. In Canada we still use calendars but we do not have fire festive and we do not throw out our clay utensils. 

the Mayans wrote a hieroglyphic writing system. The writing began in 300 BCE. Some of the artifacts left by the Mayans have been fond and the writing is the hieroglyphic system. They would write about their history and achievements on pillars, walls, and big stone slabs.  We still use writing but we have a different alphabet. The Mayans wrote with shaps.

I hope you learned some think. 



here is some more info on the Mayans 

November 13

Science Blog

Hi, welcome to Arks science blog. Today you will see all that I have done in science. In science, we have been working on the light. Do you know the difference between artificial light and natural light? Well, the difference is that artificial light is man-made light and natural light is like the sun.

Here are three facks on light:

  • the things that light can not pass through  are called opaque objects
  • if it can not pass through it makes a shadow
  • light travels o.1 million miles


Here is a fun and easy experiment. 

Take a light and stand in front does the light. Then take a glass a put that in front. Which ones pass through? You can use anything you want.


Write a comment below to see which items would let light pass through and those that wouldn’t.

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November 3

Friendly Faces Charity

I have always loved art and especially tie-dye. Over the last few months, my siblings and I decided to turn our love of art into a great fundraiser. Together we started Friendly Faces, a charity that sells tie-dyed masks and donates the proceeds to CHEO. My siblings and I spent the summer on my front lawn making tie-dyed masks. We went door to door in our neighbourhood sealing masks. So far we have raised over 5000 dollars for CHEO.

Tie-dyeing is a very good way to have fun with your friends socially distanced. During the summer we had friends come over and sit 2 meters apart on our front lawn. Together we had a great time making lots of masks in a covid safe way.

Selling masks in our neighbourhood is an amazing way to make new friends. We now know all of our neighbours and say hi to everyone when we are out for walks. Friendly Faces has allowed us to raise money for a good cause and have lots of fun doing it!