February 5

Legend Writing



Once upon a time, there was a big volcano that divided 2 cities. The volcano was such a monster that people were scared to go to sleep at night. The city on the left of the volcano had a lot of water but that city did not have a lot of trees. The city on the right side of the volcano had a lot of animals and trees but they only had a little bit of water. The people thought that if they could combine the villages it would be great. 


 The people in the cities could not get across the volcano because when one person tried he was burned to shreds. 


The people tried to build a bridge but it burned. I guess building a bridge out of wood is not a good idea. So they tried, again and again. from steel to metal nothing worked. The steel just melted from the heat of the volcano.


Then they called the great Scientist to help. He asks the town what have tried so far. We tried wood we tried metal we’ve tried steel. But the volcano has just burned it all. I have experience with volcanos. I have a few ideas but I can not give them to you until I see the volcano.


So the scientist went to his lab. He works day and night. Every time he tried something new it did not work so he threw it out. He came up with trains and buses and cars but nothing worked.


Then he had an idea to make a flying bridge. If there was a big eruption the bridge would go higher The whole town was happy but he needed to test it. The city on the right used a moose to see if it worked. There was a big eruption and the moose was fine.


The scientist worked so the people took their animals over the bridge. The crowd was crazy every one wanted to congratulate him. He was so overwhelmed that he tried to escape but they did not let him out. As a bonus, the scientist was awarded 20000 dollars for all his work.