March 22

Pully project

Hi, today I will be telling you about my pully project.  In-class we had to make something with a pully. I choose a flag.


I will put 1 one pulley on top and 1 on the bottom. My materials will be strong so they will be able to go up and down. When you pull up the flag will go down and when you pull down it will go up.



I really liked this project because it had building and science.

What would you change next time?

I would not change anything next time because my pully system worked.


My hypothesis was correct because it did go up and down. I made some adjustments. I used lego because I could not get card bored and sticks.  It would not have worked if I used cardboard and sticks because they’re not nearly as strong as lego.

my video

November 13

Science Blog

Hi, welcome to Arks science blog. Today you will see all that I have done in science. In science, we have been working on the light. Do you know the difference between artificial light and natural light? Well, the difference is that artificial light is man-made light and natural light is like the sun.

Here are three facks on light:

  • the things that light can not pass through  are called opaque objects
  • if it can not pass through it makes a shadow
  • light travels o.1 million miles


Here is a fun and easy experiment. 

Take a light and stand in front does the light. Then take a glass a put that in front. Which ones pass through? You can use anything you want.


Write a comment below to see which items would let light pass through and those that wouldn’t.

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